With over 35 years of experience in developing care, hygiene and perfumery products, the group makes its skills and knowledge available through subcontracting.

Individually tailored services and total confidentiality with regard to formulations and the constitution of regulatory dossiers has enabled us to establish lasting relationships of trust with our clients.



As a member of FEBEA and COSMED, GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES meets all the European and international regulatory requirements for cosmetic product marketing and is able to help clients put together legal dossiers.  

Quality culture at GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES was developed in the 1990s to meet ISO9002 standards and now operates entirely within the norms of Good Manufacturing Practice set out in NF EN ISO 22716 (01/2008).

GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES has ECOCERT certification and is a member of COSMEBIO. It is fully committed to environmental practices and owns a subsidiary which recycles all its waste.


The company has always sought to keep production in-house for all its brands, in order to maintain total control over the processes involved.    

The company has an extensive range of manufacturing and packaging equipment and can meet demands of all kinds.   

Over 7 million finished products are manufactured annually in our production units.

Our factory has two production floors, one for fragrances and one for cosmetics, containing:    

  • A reverse osmosis plant for the demineralisation and purification of mains water, producing high quality, demineralised water.    
  • Business management software (ERP) for the processes involved in the manufacture of fragrances and cosmetics (weighing and traceability of raw materials, order input, etc.).
  • A fragrance production unit equipped with 4 production vats and 4 chilling vats (760 litres).
  • A cosmetics production unit equipped with 4 OLSA reactors (150‐250‐1200­1500Kg) and one 2 tonne vat for the production of bubble baths.

Both our units for the packaging of fragrances and cosmetics are equipped with modular production lines that can be adapted to deal with products, packaging and production volumes of all kinds.

Examples of packaging:

  • Pots, bottles, plastic and aluminium tubes
  • Plugs, screw caps, lidding, heat sealing
  • Blister packaging, manual and automated packaging
  • Overwrapping and shrink-wrapping


GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES guarantees its clients total traceability and management of the process from receipt of the order to shipment of the finished products.   


GROUPE BERDOUES PARFUMS ET COSMETIQUES carries out the full range of physicochemical, analytic and microbiological checks on raw materials and finished products at its in-house laboratory.

From reception of raw materials and packaging to the shipment of finished products, our departments follow the same protocol to rigorously monitor every stage of production:

Identification of items ‐ storage in the quarantine zone ‐ samples taken and monitored ‐ results examined ‐ items released or blocked by quality control.

The monitoring laboratory is appropriately equipped:

  • PH‐meter, viscosity meter, density meter, turbidity meter, colorimeter etc.
  • Optical microscope, gas chromatography, spectrocolorimeter and UV-vis spectrophotometry

An in-house expert microbiologist carries out all tests on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

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